Google Go lightweight search app goes global
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Google Go lightweight search app goes global

Sukhraj Singh
by Sukhraj Singh
21st August
Google Go lightweight search app goes global

Google launches its lightweight search app - Google Go globally after a limited rollout in Asia last year. It is a very useful app for users having unstable connections. The Google Go aims to provide a seamless search experience on low-end devices using slow internet speeds. The app even helps to save internal storage as it is bundled to use less space and data on the phone. It is available for normal and Android GO users since its launch back in 2017. The useful app is now available for everyone and everywhere via the Play Store.

In a Tweet, Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google also informed users about the recent feature additions. The CEO confirmed the Google Lens integration in the latest Google GO app. Google Lens facilitates Google Go app Read-out-loud feature with the ability to read, translate and search the words which you see using a camera. 

How to use Read-out-loud feature

  1. If you need help in reading, translating or searching any words. Then, open the lens feature from your Google Go App.
  2. Point your camera towards the text with which you need help.
  3. After that the text will be read out loud to you, translated for you.
  4. You can also click a photo first and after that, you can select the listen button to hear the text or select the translate button if you want the translation.

Google Go with AI-powered read-out-loud feature can help to listen to any webpage. Unknowingly, it has ended the dependence on a separate translation and Google Lens app. All the facilities will be provided by a single Google Go app.

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As you might already know, Google Go app is bundled into a small package which consumes only a 7 MB space on your phone. It will be available for all Android devices having Lollipop version and above. You can download the Google Go App from Play Store.


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