iPhone XI Newest Leak Reveals Unexpected Elements
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iPhone XI Newest Leak Reveals Unexpected Elements

Sonali Sharma
by Sonali Sharma
16th August
iPhone XI Newest Leak Reveals Unexpected Elements

This year’s most awaited Smartphone is mostly in headlines because of its leaks and reveals. As we are coming closer to the expected launch date of iPhone 11, the rumours are constantly building up. The reason behind this thrill is that the anticipated phone could come up as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Also, if we talk about the dates, Apple’s gen-next is likely to be announced on either September 10th or September 11th, while pre-order might begin from 13th and the big day of iPhone 11 series release will be on Friday, September 20th.

As we all know, less than a month is left for this immense announcement, this phone is completely surrounded by rumours throughout. Till now it’s been widespread that iPhone 11 series will feature improved display quality and faster Face ID, but this time, as per YouTube channels the new iPhones will have a matte finish on the back as well. Believing the rumours, it’s said that iPhone 11 series might come up with a new frosted glass on the back instead of the clear glass we used to see.

Also, the biggest disclosure about the phone is that this time Apple can introduce another additional colour for its new series. Yes, it’s gossiped that this series might look different with its newly introduced ‘green colour’. Also, the phones will be given a special rainbow effect, which will reflect different colours depending on the angle to the light. This new apple feature is considered somewhat close to what Samsung has just introduced. Now, if this happens, it will definitely add on to the USP of this 11 series.

Whether the phone will be called iPhone 11 or XI is still to figure out but it’s also being speculated that Apple’s base iPhone 11 models will include 128GB of internal storage. That’s twice the 64GB that Apple currently offers on its iPhones. On the other hand, the other two storage tiers will supposedly remain at 256GB and 512GB. Now if this is true then this might be a matter of concern because this will open availability of a decent amount of space at the base model and base price. If this happens, then this might restrict buyers to go for its higher variants.

So, as per the YouTube channels foresight and rumours all around, let’s hope that the coming up series of iPhone has a lot for everyone. Keep building up your excitement as less than a month is left for this biggest revelation on Earth.

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