Open Beta 12 is now available for the OnePlus 6
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Open Beta 12 is now available for the OnePlus 6

Gautam Thapar
by Gautam Thapar
22nd February
Open Beta 12 is now available for the OnePlus 6
Open Beta 12 is now available for the OnePlus 6. The full Open Beta 12 rom size is 1571 MB in size. As per the changelog, Oneplus has added OnePlus laboratory, Gaming mode enhancement, Optimisations for screenshot, Quick reply support in landscape mode and world clock now supports weather information. 
Let’s go through the changes one by one. 
1. OnePlus Laboratory 
OnePlus has added the OnePlus Laboratory feature which includes smart boost. Smart boost is actually a memory optimiser kind of feature. As per the description it makes full use of the large RAM available on OnePlus device to improve performance when loading apps and games. 
2. Quick Reply in Landscape mode 
With this feature we will be able to reply to messages in landscape mode itself. It is actually helpful especially when watching movies or YouTube videos. As you can see in this image, the chat window will pop up on the left and the keyboard will be on the right if you have floating keyboard enabled. 
This is how it works. When you get a notification from a supported app then you will have an option to enable quick reply. Once you click on quick reply, a pop-up window will open and then you can reply in landscape mode itself. 
3. Gaming mode enhancements 
We now have Esports mode inside of Gaming mode which includes advanced “Do not disturb mode”, Enhanced background restrictions and network enhancement. 
Advanced do not disturb mode blocks all notifications and calls except low battery notification, alarm and timer notifications. 
Enhanced background restrictions restricts background process and network enhancement blocks the services of secondary sim to ensure proper signal strength for the primary sim when dual 4G is enabled. 
The UI for the gaming mode pop up has changed as well. The previous one looks better to me as it appears more uniform in design. 
Esports mode is not enabled by default. When you enable gaming mode, you will get an option to enable esports mode. You can switch between esports mode and gaming mode. 
4. Screenshot Optimisations 
They have made the screenshot to work exactly like it is on iPhone. I mean the animation and behavior now feels exactly as on an iPhone. Now we no longer get the edit options be default after taking a screenshot. You will have to click on the screenshot to see those options which used to appear right after taking a screenshot. 
5. Weather information in World Clock
OnePlus has integrated weather information in the world clock. So, as you can see, you will now get weather information displayed right below the time. This is actually good and helpful feature especially for those who travel frequently between countries.

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