How to Install Oxygen OS on Poco F1 | Best Custom ROM for Poco F1
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How to Install Oxygen OS on Poco F1 | Best Custom ROM for Poco F1

Gautam Thapar
by Gautam Thapar
15th February
How to Install Oxygen OS on Poco F1 | Best Custom ROM for Poco F1
In this tutorial, I will show you how you can install Oxygen OS 9.0.3 on Poco F1. But beware, Oxygen OS is very addictive and you might not like any other rom after installing it.
Our Pocophone F1 is on the latest MIUI 10.2.2. You do need unlocked bootloader and twrp installed on your phone. We won’t be covering these as we have already created dedicated video for each.
Disclaimer: Flashing a new rom involves wiping data on the phone. So make sure you back up all your important data before proceeding. 

Step 1: Download required files

For this tutorial, we need the latest verndor firmware file, rom file (, vendor patch and disable force encryption zip file. There are some optional files too like IR Face Unlock zip file, Notch+padding fix zip file, DeepSleep+Ambient Display fix zip file and at last the latest GCAM apk. 

Step 2: Boot into TWRP

Now we need to boot into TWRP recovery. So, press n hold the volume up and power buttons together until the phone vibrates or you see the boot screen. Now connect the phone to your computer and transfer all the necessary files. 

Step 3: Wipe data and Flash required files

In TWRP, click wipe then advanced wipe and then select dalvik cache, cache, system and data. Now swipe to wipe data. Once done, go back to home screen and click install. The first file we need to flash is the latest pie firmware file so select it and swipe to flash. Once done, go back and select oxygen os rom file. Again, swipe to flash rom file. Once rom is flashed, go back and select the vendor fix zip file. Swipe to flash it. Now again go back and this time select Disable Force Encryption file. Flash it by swiping on the screen. 

Step 4: Format Data

Now, just to be on the safer side, we need to format data once. So go back to home screen and select wipe then format data. Type yes and proceed. If you see these errors, then you will have to reboot back to recovery once. So, go to home screen and select reboot and then recovery. Once back in TWRP, select wipe and then format data. Type yes and proceed to format data. This time the process should succeed without any errors. 

Step 5: Boot into System

Now, we are ready to boot into oxygen os. So, go back to home screen and select reboot and then select system. Since this is the first time we are booting into system so it will take longer than usual. It took around 90 seconds for my phone to boot into system. Once booted into system, go through the setup process and setup your phone. Make sure to skip the face unlock part as we haven’t flash the face unlock fix yet. And for screen gestures only double tap to wake works so no point in enabling rest of them. Once setup process is over, this is how the OS will now look. Now let the setup process complete. If it get stuck then reboot the phone. 
Most of the feaures are working fine. You might notice that the icons are getting cut-off due to the notch but don’t worry as we do have a fix for that which I will show you a little later in this video. 
The beautiful about phone screen of Oxygen OS. This is actually the latest Oxygen OS version which is currently running on OnePlus 6. 
Dual volte does show up after enabling it so that seems to be working fine. 
Hiding the notch works fine. 
Dark theme looks pretty good too. 
Navigation gestures do work fine. There are actually working very smoothly. 
To have even more faster and smoother experience, I would suggest you to enable developer options and in developer options reduce the window animation scale values to the minimum. You can enable developer options by tapping on the build number seven times. Once enabled, developer options will show up under system settings. In developer options, scroll dopwn until you find window animation scale. Reduce the values of each animation scale options to 0.5 times. 
Default camera app do work but there are not much options in it right now. I will suggest you to install latest Pixel 3 camera app apk. 
My phone did hang once but that was probably due to the setup process running in the background. 

Step 6: Install optional fixes

Now, again go back to TWRP by pressing and holding the volume up and power buttons together. Keep holding until phone vibrates or you see the boot screen. 
In TWRP, click install, locate the folder containing the files and then select all the required fixes. Select IR Face Unlock zip and then click add more zip, select Notch+Padding Fix for OnePlus 6, again select add more zips and then finally select DeepSleep+AmbientDisplay fix zip file. Now swipe to flash the selected zip files. Once done, reboot to system. 
After flashing these fixes, notch area will be fixed, face unlock will work and Ambient display will work for notifications but unfortunately lift up display is not working at the moment. 


So, that’s pretty much it! I hope you liked the tutorial. Please do bookmark and subscribe for more such tutorials. Thank you so much. 


to download files.

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