Poco F1 - How to install official TWRP permanently without wiping data
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Poco F1 - How to install official TWRP permanently without wiping data

Gautam Thapar
by Gautam Thapar
7th February
Poco F1 - How to install official TWRP permanently without wiping data
In this tutorial, we will show you how you can install TWRP recovery permanently on your Poco F1 and that too without wiping phone data. We are assuming that you have already unlocked the bootloader. If not, then you should first watch our video on how to unlock bootloader.
We are currently running the latest 10.2.2 update with stock recovery.

Step 1: Download Required Files

The very first step is to download the required files. We just require two files. One is the latest twrp recovery image file and the other is Disable Force Encryption zip file. You should store TWRP image file on your computer and store Disable Force Encryption zip file on your phone. 
Download links are at the bottom of this tutorial. You will have to create an account on our site to download these files. This is just to avoid spam.

Step 2: Go to Fastboot Mode

Once the files are downloaded, you need go to fastboot mode on your phone. I suggest you to connect your phone to your computer before going to fastboot mode. This is because sometimes Poco F1 just reboots when connecting to computer in fastboot mode. Just press and hold the power and volume down buttons together. Keep pressing the buttons until your phone vibrates. Now your phone will boot into fastboot mode. 

Step 3: Flash and Boot into Official TWRP Recovery

Once the phone is in fastboot mode, move over to your computer. Open the folder where you have stored the official twrp recovery file. In the address bar, type cmd and press enter to open command prompt. In command prompt, type fastboot space devices and press enter to make sure your phone is detected fine in fastboot mode. If the phone is not detected then you will have to install adb drivers on your computer.

Once the phone is detected, type fastboot space flash space recovery space and copy paste the recovery file name. Add .img at the end of the file name and then press enter to flash twrp recovery.

Now, type fastboot space boot space again copy paste the recovery file name. Add .img at the end of the file name and press enter to boot the phone into twrp recovery.

Step 4: Flash Disable Force Encryption in TWRP

Now the phone will boot into TWRP recovery. The first step in TWRP recovery is to flash Disable Force Encryption zip file. So, select install and then locate the Disable File Encryption zip file. Click the DFE file and swipe to flash it. Flashing this will disable forced encryption and it will also install Magisk which is required to disable force encryption which in turn makes sure that TWRP is not removed on reboot. 
Once flashing is over, do not reboot. Go back to home screen. On home screen, select reboot and then select recovery. We need to reboot back to recovery once to make sure twrp recovery does not get removed. Once booted back into TWRP, select reboot and this time select system. 
Once the phone is booted properly into system, go back to recovery by pressing and holding the power and volume up buttons together. Keep holding until your phone vibrates. Phone should boot into TWRP recovery. And that’s it, you have successfully installed twrp on your phone. 

Step 5: Install Magisk Manager if required

Now if you boot into system then you will find Magisk installed. It will ask you to install Magisk Manager so go ahead and do that if required.


And that’s pretty much it. Please do share if you found this tutorial helpful. Thank you and we will see you guys in the next tutorial. 


to download files.

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