Xiaomi set to launch MIUI 11 in September
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Xiaomi set to launch MIUI 11 in September

Shounak Banerjee
by Shounak Banerjee
20th August
Xiaomi set to launch MIUI 11 in September

According to reports, Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 will be released later in September this year. Ahead of the release of MIUI 11, the Chinese company is positioning the update as a “new unique operating system”. The company’s Product Director and Experience Chief has hinted that the launch of the recent custom-made skin might be launched sooner than expected.

One of the constant criticisms faced by Xiaomi was the inconvenience caused to many smartphone users due to the constant advertisements which used to be displayed on the user interface. With plans to optimize and monitor the advertisements on its platform, the MIUI 11 is set to address these concerns across all Xiaomi smartphones. Tipped to be lighter and faster than the MIUI 10, the MIUI 11 will also include an easy switch option wherein users can disable advertisements which are shown to them.

The latest development will also see Xiaomi smartphones come with a built-in speech-to-text translation feature in the phone dialer application. This new feature will translate all incoming speech into text which can be accessed by the users in real-time. Similar to Google Duplex, the user has the option to either type in the responses manually or choose from a template of already available replies.

MIUI 11 will also come with a new monochrome power-saving mode for energy efficiency which might arrive in the market as “Super Power Saving Mode”. This new feature will convert the user interface platform to a black and white color scheme and will shut down all features except calling and messaging.

With Xiaomi all set to launch its latest MIUI 11, do you think that this latest move will see the company increase its share in the Indian market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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